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Border Fine Arts

From Foddies Collectables
All Border Fine Arts pieces are retired pieces and made in Scotland
Border Fine Arts Collection 201311 Border Fine Arts Fp 201311 Border Fine Arts Collection 201702


Border Fine Arts Birds

Farming and traditional work

Border Fine Arts Collection 201702

Close T Gate: £125
Steady Steady: £125

Sports and Country activities

All boxed with certificate

Off To The Fair: £155
Next generation: £175

Wild Animals

All made in Scotland Lots of Other Limited Editions in stock all boxed with certificates
Border Fine Arts Collection 201311

Friend or Foe Limited Edition: £149
High and dry Otters Ltd Edition with Certificate: £49
Border Fine Arts High And Dry quality figurine
River View Limited Edition: £75
The shoreline limited edition: £125
Snow Slide Limited Edition: £149
Spring Romance Limited Edition: £59

Border Fine Arts Dogs

All made in Scotland Most have their original box and certificate (if appropriate)
Border Fine Arts Jock

Brambly Hedge

1980s until 1990s

This is a small example of the stock available so please contact us to hear about any exciting new items that may have just come into stock.

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