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From Foddies Collectables

Coalport Birds

Boxed with CertificaternLimited Edition

Robins: £20

Father Christmas

All items are boxed with certificate if relevant

All Home made: £59
Coalport Father Christmas All Home Made 2023 quality figurine
Almost There: £49
Coalport Father Christmas Almost There 2023 quality figurine
Lets see if theres one for you: £55
Coalport Snowman Lets See If Theres One For You 2023 quality figurine
Line Dancing Limited Edition: £75
Coalport Father Christmas Line Dancing 2023 quality figurine
My Best Friends: £75
Coalport Father Christmas Best Friends 2023 quality figurine
The Special Gift Gold backstamp: £88
Coalport Snowman The Special Gift 2023 quality figurine
Wheres the chimney: £65
Coalport Father Christmas Wheres The Chimney 2023 quality figurine


The items are all in great condition- some are boxed ( boxed have some wear Many in stock -ask for details

Coalport Paddington Bear

These are the original 1970's -1980ís range

Paddington Bear Pottery Items

All original issued tableware including rare Teapot and Miniature cup and saucer

Coalport Snowman

The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs Here are some beautiful renditions of his masterpiece, crafted by Coalport All of these are now discontinued, and all are boxed with relevant certificate (if applicable) unless stated.

A Cold Night In Limited Edition: £85
Coalport Snowman Cold Night In Foddies Christmas 2019 quality figurine
All together now limited edition: £95
Coalport Snowman All Together Now 2023 quality figurine
A Hug For Mum: £33
Bookend: £40
Coalport Snowman Bookend 2023 quality figurine
Chilling Out Ltd Edition: £75
Coalport Snowman Chilling Out quality figurine
Cowboy Jig: £29
Coalport Snowman Cowboy Jig quality figurine
Dance The Night Away: £48
Coalport Snowman Dance The Night Away quality figurine
The Gift: £70
Coalport Snowman The Gift 2023 quality figurine
The Greeting: £33
Having A Party Limited Edition: £88
Coalport Snowman Having A Party 2023 quality figurine
Highland Fling: £33
Coalport Snowman Highland Jig quality figurine
Hold On Tight Limited Edition: £185
Coalport Snowman Hold On Tight 2023 quality figurine
How Do You Do: £49
Coalport Snowman How Do You Do 2023 quality figurine
Hug For Mum: £33
Coalport Snowman Hug For Mum quality figurine
Coalport Lets see if theres one for you: £55
Coalport Snowman Lets See If Theres One For You 2023 quality figurine
Magical Moment: £35
Coalport Snowman Magical Moment 2023 quality figurine
Off Piste Limited Edition: £75
Coalport Snowman Off Piste 2023 quality figurine
Penguin Pals Limited edition: £75
Coalport Snowman Penguin Pals 2023 quality figurine
Sitting Pretty: £68
Coalport Snowman Sitting Pretty 2023 quality figurine
Snowman and his friends Limited Edition: £75
Coalport Snowman Snowman And His Friends 2023 quality figurine
Snowman Moneybox: £35
Coalport Snowman Snowman Moneybox quality figurine
Soft Landing: £33
Coalport Snowman Soft Landing quality figurine
The Special Gift with gold backstamp: £88
Coalport Snowman The Gift 2023 quality figurine
The Special Moment: £48
Coalport Snowman The Special Moment  2023 quality figurine
Thanks Mum Ltd Edition 2005: £55
Coalport Snowman Thanks Mum Foddies Christmas 2019 quality figurine
Toothy Grin Limited Edition 2006: £65
Coalport Snowman Tooty Grin Foddies Christmas 2019 quality figurine
Treading The Boards Limited Edition: £59
Coalport Snowman Treading The Boards 2023 quality figurine
Walking in the air Ltd Edition 2003: £125
Coalport Snowman Walking In The Air Foddies Christmas 2019 quality figurine
Winter Fun Limited Edition: £135
Coalport Snowman Winter Fun 2023 quality figurine
The wrong nose: £35
Coalport Snowman Wrong Nose 2023 quality figurine

Wallace and Gromit

The Simpsons

All Boxed with relevant certificate if ltd edition unless stated

This is a small example of the stock available so please contact us to hear about any exciting new items that may have just come into stock.

e-mail us at

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