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Foddies Collectables

Christmas is in full swing at Foddies Collectables, with some gorgeous new John Beswick Snowman figures just in stock.
John Beswick Snowman Lets Go On An Adventure quality figurine John Beswick Snowman Snowman Holding Snow Dog quality figurine
We have plenty of other Christmas treats, check out our Christmas page for more details.
Christmas Royal Doulton Snowman Plate Snowman Visit quality figurine Royal Doulton Snowman With Motorbike quality figurine Royal Doulton Snowmen Figures
Our Beswick Trumpton collection is brimming with some quality pieces too:
Beswick Trumpton 2018
Take a look at our new Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh figures, including Yee Hah Cowboy, Deputy Eeyore and Nurse Tigger.
Royal Doulton Winnie The Pooh Wp90 Yee Hah Cowboy quality figurine Royal Doulton Winnie The Pooh Wp91 Deputy Eeyore quality figurine Royal Doulton Winnie The Pooh Wp73 Nurse Tigger quality figurine
A large collection of Border fine arts Comic and Curious Cats has just come in stock. Please ask for more details.

Here is a sample of our Border Fine Arts birds collection, click on the photos for more details.
Border Fine Arts Hay Turning quality figurine Border Fine Arts Frosty Morning quality figurine
Take a look at our Beswick horses, including Appaloosa 1st version (1967).
Beswick Ponies Appaloosa quality figurine Beswick Horses Prancing Arab Brown Horse 1st Version quality figurine Beswick Horses Thoroughbred Stallion Palomino 1965-89 quality figurine
We have some fabulous Beswick in stock, including Shorthorn Calf, Jersey and Friesian set, Hereford Bull, and Red Poll Cow. Beswick Cattle rare calf in stock
Our Beswick Bird figures include Thrush, Jay, Chickadee and Pheasant Flying.
Beswick Bird Figures For 2018 Beswick Bird Figures For 2018

Also lots of Beswick and Border Fine arts Horse figures
Beswick and Border Fine Arts Horses Beswick and Border Fine Arts Horses
Add just come into stock we have lots of Beswick dog figures including greyhound, wire haired and Norfolk Terrier, spaniel, Old English sheepdog and much more
Beswick Dogs
In stock Beswick Trumton figures and the rare Beswick Red Card figure
Just come in stock lots of Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge figures including rare let's make a snowmouse, Hot buttered toast for breakfast,Mrs Crustybread ,Lily and Flax Weaver
Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Let Make A Snowman DBH67 Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Flax Weaver DBH20 Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Hot Buttered Toast For Breakfast DBH68 Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Lily Weaver DBH19
We have lots of Beswick Beatrix Potter figures of most characters - too many to list everything we have so please ask if there is anything you are after in particular-Duchess with pie Simpkin Susan Sir Issac newton Ginger and much more
Susan Beswick Beatrix Potter Figurine Sir Isaac Newton Beswick Beatrix Potter Figurine Simpkin Beswick Beatrix Potter Figurine  Ginger Beswick Beatrix Potter Figurine Dutchess With Pie Beswick Beatrix Potter Figurine
We have many a Beswick cow bull and calf in stock including Charolais Friesian Hereford Aberdeen Angus Jersey and Guernsey Ayrshire
Rare Matt friesian cattle family from Beswick Beswick Jersey Cattle Beswick Cattle Matt Rare Friesian Family quality figurine Beswick Cattle Friesian Cow And Calf On Plinth quality figurine Beswick Cattle Hereford Bull Issued 1955 quality figurine Beswick Cattle 1406 Hereford Calf 1956-75 quality figurine Beswick Cattle Highland Calf quality figurine Beswick Cattle Jersey Family quality figurine Beswick Cattle Limousin Calf quality figurine Beswick Cattle Red Poll quality figurine Beswick Cattle Shetland Cow quality figurine Beswick Cattle Rare Shorthorn Calf quality figurine
We always love meeting visitors to our website. Please look at our calendar to see where we will be in and when.
If you are after anything in particular contact us by email ( or telephone 01926 858008

We will post around the world, please email us for details.

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Come and visit Foddies Collectables: see our calendar for more details.

We do buy from the public within the UK but do not offer a free valuation service.

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